Appian Textiles has been serving the hospitality and contract markets for
over 10 years offering beautiful, performance driven fabrics and faux
leathers.  Named for the Appian Way, the ancient highway that served as
the avenue for creativity in the Roman Empire, our company is
committed to providing discerning customers with the very best in textile
fashion, style, construction and durability.  We offer a comprehensive
array of indoor and outdoor faux leather (PVC and PU), upholstery,
drapery and sheer fabrics, in addition to offering custom capabilities with
industry-best minimums in each category.

Appian Textiles was founded with the goal of providing textile collections
with the best pricing, lead-time and quality available.  Based in North
Carolina, our team works with our customers to ensure each project is
handled with extraordinary service, taking care to identify the right
product for the right application.  We partner with leading manufacturers
who produce the best of design-driven, commercial-quality product.  We
also maintain a focus on US-based manufacturing whenever possible.