Zgo Technologies, formerly Zgonic, originating in Australia in 2010, is the world’s
leader in Workspace Technology, a discipline which focuses on providing more
effective use of technology in the officeplace. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and
with facilities around the globe, Zgo Technologies makes the use of today’s
technology more efficient, more productive and more comfortable, which greatly
improves the performance of the workstation and those that use them.

On the performance side, our monitor arms stand apart with our unique
Integrated USB Docking Station, Zdock, which attaches to the base of any Zgo
Monitor Arm. This allows all monitor cables to be routed through the arm and into
the rear of the dock, which eliminates all desktop cables and maximizes
workspace while providing a cleaner, more organized office. Additionally, Zgo
Monitor Arms offer more intuitive movement with easier adjustment, an available
handle for every monitor arm and a single arm with larger weight capacities to
support up to 38” monitors.

On the design side, Zgo’s patented side panels can be customized to include
any logo, design, photography, color or words, which creates inspiring new
design opportunities.